apply for a dts

Are you interested in missions in your city or abroad? Do you have a desire to know God deeply and make Him known? Do you want to meet others that have this same passion? Then, you should apply for our 6 month upcoming Discipleship Training School (DTS).

jAPAN 2020 tRIP

Are you interested in joining us for our upcoming Japan 2020 trip? Next year, YWAM Long Beach will be continue their annual Japan trip, yet, this year, our trip will overlap the Summer Olympics. Since, Japan will be hosting the nations, it will allow us to meet them in one place. If you are interested in joining our trip, click the link below to fill out a form for more information.

Volunteer & Contact

 Do you want to join us for a day of ministry in Long Beach?  Come to our YWAM family night?  We want to connect with others with a heart for service to make it possible to join our team even in the midst of your busy schedule.  Email us to see how we can work together and how you can join our community.

Send an email to to connect.


Your donation allows us to support the Community of Long Beach and greater LA area. Send an email to to get more information. 


Who doesn't need prayer, right? Prayer requests:

  • Local outreach relationships

  • DTS preparation

  • For the students applying

  • More staff to come to Long Beach

  • Staff housing

  • Facility to host more outreach teams

    (If you get any words of encouragement, please contact us)