Encounter god.

take it to the streets. go to the nations.

interested in Urban Missions:

Join us for ministry in Long Beach and across Southern California. During the week, you can partner with us with a variety of ministries, such as serving at food bank, bringing flowers to a local elderly home, and volunteering at a homeless connect center.

Interested in short-term Missions:

Join us in short-term mission focused trips during the year. These trips normally last 2-3 months but you can choose to volunteer with us from 2 weeks to the full length of the trip. In 2020, we will be leading an open missions trip to Tokyo, Japan during the Summer 2020 Olympics. Click the link below to sign up or get more information.

Interested in Missions Training & Abroad Missions:

Join us for our Impact Discipleship Training School (DTS). This school is designed to train you to become a missionary in your city and in the nations around the world. The program’s length is 6 months. The first 3 months, known as our Lecture Phase, will be held in Long Beach, California. The last 3 months, known as our Outreach Phase, will take place overseas in the missions field, in places such as Japan, Nepal, South Africa, and Brazil. Our upcoming school is scheduled for Fall 2020.

what is YWAM?

You. The City. The World.

God will impact YOU. Each week of Lecture Phase, we will cover different topics such as: Listening to God, Spiritual Warfare, Missions, Identity in Christ, Holy Spirit, Father heart of God and more! There will also be many times to process what you learn in groups or one on one.

You will impact THE CITY. Along with the teaching, we will be engaged in urban outreach every day in Long Beach and Los Angeles. We will be serving local ministries, working with the poor, and evangelizing at the beach and downtown areas. The goal will be to learn how to be an influence in your community.

You will be released to THE WORLD. After 3 months of Lecture Phase, we will go on a 2 month Field Assignment. This will be an international outreach and cross-cultural experience, challenging you to leave your comfort zone and serve those different from you. DTS graduation is only the beginning of the Impact that you can make in the world. After your school you will be presented with countless opportunities to serve God and make Him known in the nations. We want to help you find your calling. The world is at your fingertips!


Youth With a Mission Long Beach is a non profit organization dedicated to getting people involved in local and international missions.  Locally, our focus is with the poor and needy of our community. Our goal is to create a bridge for people who want to serve the homeless and broken, bringing people together from all life circumstances.  We are also passionate about training volunteers for international missions, sending teams to the nations, and cultivating a lifestyle of serving God and others.

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself. Do you want to grow closer to God and take it to the nations? Then you should check out our upcoming Discipleship Training School (DTS) this Fall. Click the link below to learn more about participating in a missions trip, serving in Los Angeles and Long Beach, or joining the Impact DTS in September.

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